David B. Hooten, County Clerk
Oklahoma County, Oklahoma
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Instrument #Date RecordedNameParty RoleDoc TypeOther NameBookPageLegacy NumberFirst ReferenceLegal DescriptionBriefcaseView ImageView Full Screen
193510058506/28/1935 12:00:00 AMBENZION MILTONGranteeASSIGNMENT - RODCURRY WR2774511935100585
193510021006/26/1935 12:00:00 AMTICHENOR MARTHA KGranteeMINERAL DEEDAMERICAN FIDELITY CORP3425841935100210
193510021206/26/1935 12:00:00 AMAMERICAN FIDELITY CORPGrantorMINERAL DEEDSTANSELL MISS LOIS3425861935100212
193510021706/26/1935 12:00:00 AMROMSDAL MARTHA ET ALGranteeMINERAL DEEDAMERICAN FIDELITY CORP3425771935100217
193510021906/26/1935 12:00:00 AMPOEHLMANN MAX W ET ALGranteeMINERAL DEEDAMERICAN FIDELITY CORP3425791935100219
193510022106/26/1935 12:00:00 AMAMERICAN FIDELITY CORPGrantorMINERAL DEEDPARRISH JANET3425691935100221
193510022606/26/1935 12:00:00 AMMARKS MRS EVAGranteeMINERAL DEEDAMERICAN FIDELITY CORP3425741935100226
193510022806/26/1935 12:00:00 AMAMERICAN FIDELITY CORPGrantorMINERAL DEEDLEHMAN MISS MARY3425641935100228
193510023506/26/1935 12:00:00 AMEICHELBERGER IJ ET ALGranteeMINERAL DEEDAMERICAN FIDELITY CORP3425591935100235
193510024606/26/1935 12:00:00 AMMCCOY MRS ANNA LGranteeMINERAL DEEDAMERICAN FIDELITY CORP3425461935100246
193510090307/01/1935 12:00:00 AMBINETTE DONATGranteeMINERAL DEEDINTER STATE ROY CORP2634661935100903
193510091907/01/1935 12:00:00 AMLAHR JGranteeASSIGNMENT - RODFRANK LEO310981935100919
193510096207/01/1935 12:00:00 AMPUBLICGranteeAFFIDAVITCOATES TOM W2765421935100962
193510096207/01/1935 12:00:00 AMCOATES TOM WGrantorAFFIDAVITPUBLIC2765421935100962
193510096407/01/1935 12:00:00 AMAULICK ALGrantorMINUTESWIMPEY SILVIA B CLERK3401261935100964
193510108007/02/1935 12:00:00 AMOLSON OBGranteeMINERAL DEEDOHIO FUEL SUPPLY CO2626301935101080
193510078907/01/1935 12:00:00 AMWASHBURN G MGrantorASSIGNMENT - RODEISNER JOHN J310791935100789
193510078907/01/1935 12:00:00 AMEISNER JOHN JGranteeASSIGNMENT - RODWASHBURN G M310791935100789
193510195407/11/1935 12:00:00 AMHUNKER T JGranteeMISCELLANEOUSJENSEN ARTHUR2794571935101954
193510086207/01/1935 12:00:00 AMAMERICAN FIDELITY CORPGrantorMINERAL DEEDJONES OWEN3425911935100862
193510086407/01/1935 12:00:00 AMDALVE SIDNEY J ET ALGranteeMINERAL DEEDAMERICAN FIDELITY CORP3425921935100864
193510090307/01/1935 12:00:00 AMINTER STATE ROY CORPGrantorMINERAL DEEDBINETTE DONAT2634661935100903
193510240307/15/1935 12:00:00 AMAMERICAN FIDELITY CORPGrantorMINERAL DEEDPASSALACQUA FE3426141935102403
193510223707/13/1935 12:00:00 AMCOMMONWEALTH TRUST CO SERIES KGranteeMINERAL DEEDCOLLINS M M1615401935102237
193510240107/15/1935 12:00:00 AMAMERICAN FIDELITY CORPGrantorMINERAL DEEDCORLETT ADAH P ET AL3426161935102401
193510240107/15/1935 12:00:00 AMCORLETT ADAH P ET ALGranteeMINERAL DEEDAMERICAN FIDELITY CORP3426161935102401
193510229007/13/1935 12:00:00 AMKENYON JCGranteeMINERAL DEEDWC WALTERS CO INC3152861935102290
193510229007/13/1935 12:00:00 AMWC WALTERS CO INCGrantorMINERAL DEEDKENYON JC3152861935102290
193510228707/13/1935 12:00:00 AMSCHWARTZ CHRISTINE CGranteeMINERAL DEEDWC WALTERS CO INC3152871935102287
193510228707/13/1935 12:00:00 AMWC WALTERS CO INCGrantorMINERAL DEEDSCHWARTZ CHRISTINE C3152871935102287

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