David B. Hooten, County Clerk
Oklahoma County, Oklahoma
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Instrument #Date RecordedNameParty RoleDoc TypeOther NameBookPageLegacy NumberFirst ReferenceLegal DescriptionBriefcaseView ImageView Full Screen
191734784805/24/1917 12:00:00 AMVERNON BENNETTGrantorAFFIDAVITCR BROWN182711917347848LOT:31 BLK:1 SUB:MOUNT STERLING SUB
191734784805/24/1917 12:00:00 AMCR BROWNGranteeAFFIDAVITVERNON BENNETT182711917347848LOT:31 BLK:1 SUB:MOUNT STERLING SUB
191734798707/12/1917 12:00:00 AMWL BRADFORD ET ALGrantorAGREEMENTLD BRONSON183921917347987LOT:17 BLK:2 SUB:WEST 5TH STREET
191734798707/12/1917 12:00:00 AMLD BRONSONGranteeAGREEMENTWL BRADFORD ET AL183921917347987LOT:17 BLK:2 SUB:WEST 5TH STREET
191738372503/05/1917 12:00:00 AMED L HISEL ET ALGranteeWARRANTY DEEDWM LITTLE ET UX189971917383725LOT:14 BLK:5 SUB:WILMONT PLACE
191738372503/05/1917 12:00:00 AMWM LITTLE ET UXGrantorWARRANTY DEEDED L HISEL ET AL189971917383725LOT:14 BLK:5 SUB:WILMONT PLACE
191735028601/25/1917 12:00:00 AMEDWIN M FREELANDGrantorNOTICEPUBLIC174251917350286LOT:22 BLK:7 SUB:WESTERN AVE SUBDIVISION
191735028601/25/1917 12:00:00 AMPUBLICGranteeNOTICEEDWIN M FREELAND174251917350286LOT:22 BLK:7 SUB:WESTERN AVE SUBDIVISION
191738384303/14/1917 12:00:00 AMWE WILLSGrantorWARRANTY DEEDKATE E WILLS1892151917383843LOT:24 BLK:1 SUB:THOMAS
191738384303/14/1917 12:00:00 AMKATE E WILLSGranteeWARRANTY DEEDWE WILLS1892151917383843LOT:24 BLK:1 SUB:THOMAS
191738384703/10/1917 12:00:00 AMJAMES BOYDGranteeWARRANTY DEEDRH KIMSEY1892191917383847LOT:29 BLK:1 SUB:WEST MAIN
191738384703/10/1917 12:00:00 AMRH KIMSEYGrantorWARRANTY DEEDJAMES BOYD1892191917383847LOT:29 BLK:1 SUB:WEST MAIN
191738406203/28/1917 12:00:00 AMCARRIE JAMESGrantorWARRANTY DEEDCHARLES H FOX1894341917384062LOT:14 BLK:26 SUB:MOORES HEIGHTS
191738406203/28/1917 12:00:00 AMROBERT H JAMESGrantorWARRANTY DEEDCHARLES H FOX1894341917384062LOT:14 BLK:26 SUB:MOORES HEIGHTS
191738406203/28/1917 12:00:00 AMCHARLES H FOXGranteeWARRANTY DEEDCARRIE JAMES1894341917384062LOT:14 BLK:26 SUB:MOORES HEIGHTS
191740148901/29/1917 12:00:00 AMJEANNETTE MYERGranteeSHERIFFS DEEDGE JOHNSON1921111917401489LOT:20 BLK:A SUB:PASADENA HEIGHTS
191740148901/29/1917 12:00:00 AMGE JOHNSONGrantorSHERIFFS DEEDJEANNETTE MYER1921111917401489LOT:20 BLK:A SUB:PASADENA HEIGHTS
191738372603/05/1917 12:00:00 AMAM DEBOLTGranteeWARRANTY DEEDANNIE M SMYTH ET VIR189981917383726LOT:20 BLK:3 SUB:OAK VIEW
191738372603/05/1917 12:00:00 AMANNIE M SMYTH ET VIRGrantorWARRANTY DEEDAM DEBOLT189981917383726LOT:20 BLK:3 SUB:OAK VIEW
191738406403/29/1917 12:00:00 AMLOUISA M SHULTESGrantorWARRANTY DEEDW BLANCHE LUCAS1894361917384064LOT:14 BLK:4 SUB:OKLA HEIGHTS
191738406403/29/1917 12:00:00 AMW BLANCHE LUCASGranteeWARRANTY DEEDLOUISA M SHULTES1894361917384064LOT:14 BLK:4 SUB:OKLA HEIGHTS
191738380803/10/1917 12:00:00 AMRH MIMSEYGranteeWARRANTY DEEDJA BYERS1891801917383808LOT:29 BLK:1 SUB:WEST MAIN
191738380803/10/1917 12:00:00 AMJA BYERSGrantorWARRANTY DEEDRH MIMSEY1891801917383808LOT:29 BLK:1 SUB:WEST MAIN
191738426404/13/1917 12:00:00 AMGW KINTERGranteeWARRANTY DEEDJW VAWTER ETUX1896361917384264LOT:14 BLK:11 SUB:TROSPER PARK HIGHLANDS
191738426404/13/1917 12:00:00 AMJW VAWTER ETUXGrantorWARRANTY DEEDGW KINTER1896361917384264LOT:14 BLK:11 SUB:TROSPER PARK HIGHLANDS
191740141101/01/1917 12:00:00 AMJA BYERSGranteeWARRANTY DEEDE CARMAN ET AL192101917401411LOT:29 BLK:1 SUB:WEST MAIN
191740141101/01/1917 12:00:00 AME CARMAN ET ALGrantorWARRANTY DEEDJA BYERS192101917401411LOT:29 BLK:1 SUB:WEST MAIN
191740176605/14/1917 12:00:00 AMGE JOHNSONGrantorSHERIFFS DEEDLUCY M KE STER1924501917401766LOT:34 BLK:12 SUB:NORTH HIGHLAND
191740176605/14/1917 12:00:00 AMLUCY M KE STERGranteeSHERIFFS DEEDGE JOHNSON1924501917401766LOT:34 BLK:12 SUB:NORTH HIGHLAND

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