David B. Hooten, County Clerk
Oklahoma County, Oklahoma
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Instrument #Date RecordedNameParty RoleDoc TypeOther NameBookPageLegacy NumberFirst ReferenceLegal DescriptionBriefcaseView ImageView Full Screen
193510690808/28/1935 12:00:00 AMMCCRACKEN CHGranteeWARRANTY DEEDLEONARD FAY ET AL4802491935106908
193510694208/29/1935 12:00:00 AMHOWE CHGranteeWARRANTY DEEDBOURNE E W487791935106942
193510694208/29/1935 12:00:00 AMBOURNE E WGrantorWARRANTY DEEDHOWE CH487791935106942
193510604408/19/1935 12:00:00 AMSIMPSON CATHRYNGranteeWARRANTY DEEDSIMPSON OSCAR C487551935106044
193510604408/19/1935 12:00:00 AMSIMPSON OSCAR CGrantorWARRANTY DEEDSIMPSON CATHRYN487551935106044
193510695408/29/1935 12:00:00 AMSINCLAIR PRAIRIE OIL COGranteeOIL & GAS LEASEEVEREST CH3422331935106954
193510695408/29/1935 12:00:00 AMEVEREST CHGrantorOIL & GAS LEASESINCLAIR PRAIRIE OIL CO3422331935106954
193510699308/29/1935 12:00:00 AMWHEELIS ZOLAGranteeWARRANTY DEEDSKINNER MAGGIE A487801935106993
193510699308/29/1935 12:00:00 AMSKINNER MAGGIE AGrantorWARRANTY DEEDWHEELIS ZOLA487801935106993
193510714408/30/1935 12:00:00 AMY&Y OPERATING COGrantorASSIGNMENT - RODGARRETT TOM W ET AL343741935107144
193510714408/30/1935 12:00:00 AMGARRETT TOM W ET ALGranteeASSIGNMENT - RODY&Y OPERATING CO343741935107144
193510722508/31/1935 12:00:00 AMSINCLAIR PRAIRIE OIL COGrantorRELEASE OF JUDGMENTKENT AA DR ET AL3422521935107225
193510722508/31/1935 12:00:00 AMKENT AA DR ET ALGranteeRELEASE OF JUDGMENTSINCLAIR PRAIRIE OIL CO3422521935107225
193510722708/31/1935 12:00:00 AMCARLOCK CLGrantorWARRANTY DEEDCABLE HB48881935107227
193510722708/31/1935 12:00:00 AMCABLE HBGranteeWARRANTY DEEDCARLOCK CL48881935107227
193510621008/20/1935 12:00:00 AMSNYDER JOHN F ET ALGranteeRELEASE OF OIL & GAS LEASEWALKER MAUD ET AL3415871935106210
193510621008/20/1935 12:00:00 AMWALKER MAUD ET ALGrantorRELEASE OF OIL & GAS LEASESNYDER JOHN F ET AL3415871935106210
193510729209/03/1935 12:00:00 AMLOGAN JAS AGranteeWARRANTY DEEDMOORE SH ET UX488131935107292
193510729209/03/1935 12:00:00 AMMOORE SH ET UXGrantorWARRANTY DEEDLOGAN JAS A488131935107292
193510721708/31/1935 12:00:00 AMBAILY E CGrantorWARRANTY DEEDHANSON WS488111935107217
193510721708/31/1935 12:00:00 AMHANSON WSGranteeWARRANTY DEEDBAILY E C488111935107217
193510723308/31/1935 12:00:00 AMAMERICAN FIDELITY CORPGrantorMINERAL DEEDONEAL WD3426401935107233
193510723308/31/1935 12:00:00 AMONEAL WDGranteeMINERAL DEEDAMERICAN FIDELITY CORP3426401935107233
193510653008/23/1935 12:00:00 AMEASTMAN GEORGE EGrantorWARRANTY DEEDFISHER RUTH4794881935106530
193510653008/23/1935 12:00:00 AMFISHER RUTHGranteeWARRANTY DEEDEASTMAN GEORGE E4794881935106530
193510693908/29/1935 12:00:00 AMCARSON ROSS LGranteeMINERAL DEEDCARSON S SUSIE ET AL3422321935106939
193510693908/29/1935 12:00:00 AMCARSON S SUSIE ET ALGrantorMINERAL DEEDCARSON ROSS L3422321935106939
193510695508/29/1935 12:00:00 AMSINCLAIR PRAIRIE OIL COGranteeRIGHT OF WAYHOOPES CM ET AL3422291935106955
193510695508/29/1935 12:00:00 AMHOOPES CM ET ALGrantorRIGHT OF WAYSINCLAIR PRAIRIE OIL CO3422291935106955
193510742909/04/1935 12:00:00 AMBAILY LEONARD H ET ALGrantorDECLARATIONALLIED ARCHITECTS OF OKLA2505281935107429

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