David B. Hooten, County Clerk
Oklahoma County, Oklahoma
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Instrument #Date RecordedNameParty RoleDoc TypeOther NameBookPageLegacy NumberFirst ReferenceLegal DescriptionBriefcaseView ImageView Full Screen
193510631608/21/1935 12:00:00 AMHEDGE BEXX MGrantorMINERAL DEEDCOLLINS LA2634841935106316
193510629508/21/1935 12:00:00 AMGENERAL INDUSTRIES CORPGrantorMINERAL DEEDRINEAR BLANCHE M1614721935106295
193510629508/21/1935 12:00:00 AMRINEAR BLANCHE MGranteeMINERAL DEEDGENERAL INDUSTRIES CORP1614721935106295
193510638308/22/1935 12:00:00 AMSALVAGE OILCOGranteeDECLARATIONRUCKER TB ET AL2505231935106383
193510638308/22/1935 12:00:00 AMRUCKER TB ET ALGrantorDECLARATIONSALVAGE OILCO2505231935106383
193510643108/23/1935 12:00:00 AMHOOKER SAM EXECGrantorEXECUTORS DEEDBOWEN WILLIE MAE LAIN481651935106431
193510643108/23/1935 12:00:00 AMBOWEN WILLIE MAE LAINGranteeEXECUTORS DEEDHOOKER SAM EXEC481651935106431
193510646608/23/1935 12:00:00 AMSTANFIELD ECGranteePOWER OF ATTORNEYSTANFIELD BURNETTE3416171935106466
193510646608/23/1935 12:00:00 AMSTANFIELD BURNETTEGrantorPOWER OF ATTORNEYSTANFIELD EC3416171935106466
193510554208/13/1935 12:00:00 AMPUBLICGranteeAFFIDAVITHOUSTON HAL342701935105542
193510554208/13/1935 12:00:00 AMHOUSTON HALGrantorAFFIDAVITPUBLIC342701935105542
193510663908/26/1935 12:00:00 AMLORTZ ESTELLAGranteeWARRANTY DEEDLORTZ KATIE G4795101935106639
193510663908/26/1935 12:00:00 AMLORTZ KATIE GGrantorWARRANTY DEEDLORTZ ESTELLA4795101935106639
193510663408/26/1935 12:00:00 AMPUBLICGranteeAFFIDAVITCOX JOSEPH HOLLARD3416281935106634
193510663408/26/1935 12:00:00 AMCOX JOSEPH HOLLARDGrantorAFFIDAVITPUBLIC3416281935106634
193510584408/16/1935 12:00:00 AMHARRIS JP ET ALGrantorOIL & GAS LEASESINCLAIR PRAIRIE OIL CO3421241935105844
193510584408/16/1935 12:00:00 AMSINCLAIR PRAIRIE OIL COGranteeOIL & GAS LEASEHARRIS JP ET AL3421241935105844
193510680608/27/1935 12:00:00 AMPURKEY JOHN LGrantorASSIGNMENT OF RENTSLOCAL FED S&L ASSN3422041935106806
193510680608/27/1935 12:00:00 AMLOCAL FED S&L ASSNGranteeASSIGNMENT OF RENTSPURKEY JOHN L3422041935106806
193510679508/27/1935 12:00:00 AMHARVEY ANNABELL MRSGranteeAGREEMENTLYNCH THOMAS J3421951935106795
193510679508/27/1935 12:00:00 AMLYNCH THOMAS JGrantorAGREEMENTHARVEY ANNABELL MRS3421951935106795
193510685808/28/1935 12:00:00 AMKIDWELL JOHN HGrantorAFFIDAVITPUBLIC3422081935106858
193510685908/28/1935 12:00:00 AMPUBLICGranteeAFFIDAVITKIDWELL EDNA MAY2534831935106859
193510685808/28/1935 12:00:00 AMPUBLICGranteeAFFIDAVITKIDWELL JOHN H3422081935106858
193510685908/28/1935 12:00:00 AMKIDWELL EDNA MAYGrantorAFFIDAVITPUBLIC2534831935106859
193510603708/19/1935 12:00:00 AMMOULTON COLFAXGrantorRELEASELOCAL FEDERAL SAVINGS&L3421281935106037
193510603708/19/1935 12:00:00 AMLOCAL FEDERAL SAVINGS&LGranteeRELEASEMOULTON COLFAX3421281935106037
193510690708/28/1935 12:00:00 AMSILVEY JHGrantorQUIT CLAIM DEEDLEONARD FAY481761935106907
193510690708/28/1935 12:00:00 AMLEONARD FAYGranteeQUIT CLAIM DEEDSILVEY JH481761935106907
193510690808/28/1935 12:00:00 AMLEONARD FAY ET ALGrantorWARRANTY DEEDMCCRACKEN CH4802491935106908

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