David B. Hooten, County Clerk
Oklahoma County, Oklahoma
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Instrument #Date RecordedNameParty RoleDoc TypeOther NameBookPageLegacy NumberFirst ReferenceLegal DescriptionBriefcaseView ImageView Full Screen
191236870409/12/1912 12:00:00 AMFANNIE E MACONGrantorWARRANTY DEEDGEO W PIERSOL1553651912368704LOT:49 BLK:0 SUB:MACON PLACE
191236870409/12/1912 12:00:00 AMGEO W PIERSOLGranteeWARRANTY DEEDFANNIE E MACON1553651912368704LOT:49 BLK:0 SUB:MACON PLACE
191240094604/02/1912 12:00:00 AMJOHN FINDLAY YOUNGGranteeWARRANTY DEEDJJ BAUMANN ETUX1501841912400946LOT:39 BLK:1 SUB:BAUMANS
191240094604/02/1912 12:00:00 AMJJ BAUMANN ETUXGrantorWARRANTY DEEDJOHN FINDLAY YOUNG1501841912400946LOT:39 BLK:1 SUB:BAUMANS
191240101204/05/1912 12:00:00 AMRW BRUCKMANGranteeWARRANTY DEEDJOHN A HOWENSTEIN ETAL1502501912401012LOT:29 BLK:8 SUB:NORTH BRITTON
191240101204/05/1912 12:00:00 AMJOHN A HOWENSTEIN ETALGrantorWARRANTY DEEDRW BRUCKMAN1502501912401012LOT:29 BLK:8 SUB:NORTH BRITTON
191240109504/11/1912 12:00:00 AMTROSPER FRANKGrantorWARRANTY DEEDAT SCHMID1503331912401095Lot:37 Blk:1 Sub:TROSPER
191240109504/11/1912 12:00:00 AMTROSPER PEARLGrantorWARRANTY DEEDAT SCHMID1503331912401095Lot:37 Blk:1 Sub:TROSPER
191240109504/11/1912 12:00:00 AMAT SCHMIDGranteeWARRANTY DEEDTROSPER FRANK1503331912401095Lot:37 Blk:1 Sub:TROSPER
191241215505/01/1912 12:00:00 AMGUS APELT ETUXGranteeWARRANTY DEEDFW BRUCHMANN ET UX153181912412155LOT:29 BLK:8 SUB:NORTH BRITTON
191241215505/01/1912 12:00:00 AMFW BRUCHMANN ET UXGrantorWARRANTY DEEDGUS APELT ETUX153181912412155LOT:29 BLK:8 SUB:NORTH BRITTON
191241269006/05/1912 12:00:00 AMADELIA A HOWENSTEIN ET ALGrantorWARRANTY DEEDCG BROWN1535531912412690LOT:29 BLK:5 SUB:NORTH BRITTON
191241269006/05/1912 12:00:00 AMCG BROWNGranteeWARRANTY DEEDADELIA A HOWENSTEIN ET AL1535531912412690LOT:29 BLK:5 SUB:NORTH BRITTON
191241236505/15/1912 12:00:00 AMRABECCA RYANGranteeWARRANTY DEEDWH RYAN1532281912412365LOT:35 BLK:3 SUB:OAK VIEW
191241236505/15/1912 12:00:00 AMWH RYANGrantorWARRANTY DEEDRABECCA RYAN1532281912412365LOT:35 BLK:3 SUB:OAK VIEW
191241259505/29/1912 12:00:00 AMANNA M SCHUCKGranteeWARRANTY DEEDAG SCHUCK ETAL1534581912412595LOT:29 BLK:9 SUB:WEST BRITTON
191241259505/29/1912 12:00:00 AMAG SCHUCK ETALGrantorWARRANTY DEEDANNA M SCHUCK1534581912412595LOT:29 BLK:9 SUB:WEST BRITTON
191241682210/21/1912 12:00:00 AMTHOMAS KELLEYGranteeWARRANTY DEEDWA MCKEE ETAL1451931912416822LOT:29 BLK:3 SUB:HUDSON PARK
191241682210/21/1912 12:00:00 AMWA MCKEE ETALGrantorWARRANTY DEEDTHOMAS KELLEY1451931912416822LOT:29 BLK:3 SUB:HUDSON PARK
191241274306/08/1912 12:00:00 AMREBECCA RYANGrantorWARRANTY DEEDANNIE M SMYTH1536061912412743LOT:35 BLK:3 SUB:OAK VIEW
191241274306/08/1912 12:00:00 AMANNIE M SMYTHGranteeWARRANTY DEEDREBECCA RYAN1536061912412743LOT:35 BLK:3 SUB:OAK VIEW
191241664405/25/1912 12:00:00 AMJAMES O MARAGranteeWARRANTY DEEDWA MCKEE ETAL145141912416644LOT:29 BLK:4 SUB:HUDSON PARK
191241664405/25/1912 12:00:00 AMWA MCKEE ETALGrantorWARRANTY DEEDJAMES O MARA145141912416644LOT:29 BLK:4 SUB:HUDSON PARK
191242744601/02/1912 12:00:00 AMELMO ELLISGranteeWARRANTY DEEDSUSAN A HIGGINS1475561912427446LOT:37 BLK:16 SUB:HIGGINS HEIGHTS
191242744601/02/1912 12:00:00 AMSUSAN A HIGGINSGrantorWARRANTY DEEDELMO ELLIS1475561912427446LOT:37 BLK:16 SUB:HIGGINS HEIGHTS
191242744001/02/1912 12:00:00 AMWL CASHGranteeWARRANTY DEEDLE HILL1475501912427440LOT:29 BLK:9 SUB:WRIGHT PLACE
191242744001/02/1912 12:00:00 AMLE HILLGrantorWARRANTY DEEDWL CASH1475501912427440LOT:29 BLK:9 SUB:WRIGHT PLACE
191243389301/01/1912 12:00:00 AMED NIXGranteeWARRANTY DEEDCOLLEGE PARK DEVELOPMENT CO1465491912433893LOT:31 BLK:22 SUB:COLLEGE PARK
191243389301/01/1912 12:00:00 AMCOLLEGE PARK DEVELOPMENT COGrantorWARRANTY DEEDED NIX1465491912433893LOT:31 BLK:22 SUB:COLLEGE PARK
191246334108/20/1912 12:00:00 AMELMO ELLIS ET UXGrantorMORTGAGESA HIGGINS ETAL11881912463341LOT:37 BLK:16 SUB:HIGGINS HEIGHTS

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