David B. Hooten, County Clerk
Oklahoma County, Oklahoma
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Instrument #Date RecordedNameParty RoleDoc TypeOther NameBookPageLegacy NumberFirst ReferenceLegal DescriptionBriefcaseView ImageView Full Screen
193510583008/16/1935 12:00:00 AMEQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETYGranteeEXTENSIONMORRIS TD ET UX2756381935105830
193510509008/08/1935 12:00:00 AMROHR EDITH MGranteeCERTIFICATE OF NON DEVELOPMENTOKLAHOMA COUNTY CLERK2734541935105090
193510509008/08/1935 12:00:00 AMOKLAHOMA COUNTY CLERKGrantorCERTIFICATE OF NON DEVELOPMENTROHR EDITH M2734541935105090
193510511708/08/1935 12:00:00 AMGYPSY OIL COGranteeASSUMPTION AGREEMENTDIMICK JOHN ET AL342331935105117
193510511708/08/1935 12:00:00 AMDIMICK JOHN ET ALGrantorASSUMPTION AGREEMENTGYPSY OIL CO342331935105117
193510596408/17/1935 12:00:00 AMHAHN ED LGrantorCERTIFICATE OF NON DEVELOPMENTPUBLIC3421271935105964
193510596408/17/1935 12:00:00 AMPUBLICGranteeCERTIFICATE OF NON DEVELOPMENTHAHN ED L3421271935105964
193510596508/17/1935 12:00:00 AMAMERICAN FIRST TR COGranteeWARRANTY DEEDBROWN CHARLES FELIX ET UX487431935105965
193510596508/17/1935 12:00:00 AMBROWN CHARLES FELIX ET UXGrantorWARRANTY DEEDAMERICAN FIRST TR CO487431935105965
193510602208/19/1935 12:00:00 AMGENERAL INDUSTRIES CORPGrantorMINERAL DEEDBOWSER M LA VINNA ET AL1614681935106022
193510602208/19/1935 12:00:00 AMBOWSER M LA VINNA ET ALGranteeMINERAL DEEDGENERAL INDUSTRIES CORP1614681935106022
193510514908/08/1935 12:00:00 AMMARSHALL JCGranteeMINERAL DEEDSKELTON CREEK OIL CO2634751935105149
193510514908/08/1935 12:00:00 AMSKELTON CREEK OIL COGrantorMINERAL DEEDMARSHALL JC2634751935105149
193510603608/19/1935 12:00:00 AMLOCAL FEDERAL SAVINGS&LGranteeRELEASEMOULTON COLFAX3421281935106036
193510604508/19/1935 12:00:00 AMMCKENZIE LAURA B ET VIRGrantorWARRANTY DEEDCALDWELL RA487521935106045
193510603608/19/1935 12:00:00 AMMOULTON COLFAXGrantorRELEASELOCAL FEDERAL SAVINGS&L3421281935106036
193510604508/19/1935 12:00:00 AMCALDWELL RAGranteeWARRANTY DEEDMCKENZIE LAURA B ET VIR487521935106045
193510610908/19/1935 12:00:00 AMGOODNER JOGranteeWARRANTY DEEDDOWNING WL ET UX487471935106109
193510610908/19/1935 12:00:00 AMDOWNING WL ET UXGrantorWARRANTY DEEDGOODNER JO487471935106109
193510614708/20/1935 12:00:00 AMTROLINGER CLAUDE FGrantorCONTRACTTROLINGER EL3421451935106147
193510614708/20/1935 12:00:00 AMTROLINGER ELGranteeCONTRACTTROLINGER CLAUDE F3421451935106147
193510619508/20/1935 12:00:00 AMWORME JAGranteeWARRANTY DEEDOKLAHOMA RAILWAY CO484211935106195
193510619508/20/1935 12:00:00 AMOKLAHOMA RAILWAY COGrantorWARRANTY DEEDWORME JA484211935106195
193510619608/20/1935 12:00:00 AMMISSISSIPPI VALLEY COGrantorPARTIAL RELEASE MORTGAGEOKLA RAILWAY CO3421441935106196
193510619608/20/1935 12:00:00 AMOKLA RAILWAY COGranteePARTIAL RELEASE MORTGAGEMISSISSIPPI VALLEY CO3421441935106196
193510532408/10/1935 12:00:00 AMYOUNG EDNA HGranteeMINERAL DEEDAMERICNA FIELDITY CORP3426341935105324
193510532408/10/1935 12:00:00 AMAMERICNA FIELDITY CORPGrantorMINERAL DEEDYOUNG EDNA H3426341935105324
193510532608/10/1935 12:00:00 AMAMERICNA FIELDITY CORPGrantorMINERAL DEEDJOHNSON J WILL ET AL3426321935105326
193510532608/10/1935 12:00:00 AMJOHNSON J WILL ET ALGranteeMINERAL DEEDAMERICNA FIELDITY CORP3426321935105326
193510631608/21/1935 12:00:00 AMCOLLINS LAGranteeMINERAL DEEDHEDGE BEXX M2634841935106316

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