David B. Hooten, County Clerk
Oklahoma County, Oklahoma
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Instrument #Date RecordedNameParty RoleDoc TypeOther NameBookPageLegacy NumberFirst ReferenceLegal DescriptionBriefcaseView Image
191740175505/09/1917 12:00:00 AMBYER F BGrantorSHERIFFS DEEDBAMBERGER F1924391917401755Lot:47 Blk:1 PID#107329900 Sub:COLLEGE VIEW SUB LOT 1 BLK 6 VOLZ
191740208210/16/1917 12:00:00 AMMOHR E EGrantorSHERIFFS DEEDTAYLOR P H1961731917402082Lot:9 Blk:15 PID#093993180 Sub:SCHILLING
191300518803/21/1913 12:00:00 AMMOORE M MGrantorVACATIONPUBLIC14601913005188Lot:I Blk:35 Sub:SCHILLINGS RESUB BLK 34-35
191640687107/05/1916 12:00:00 AMMCCUNE LLOYDGranteeORDERMCCUNE PERRY1911001916406871Bk Type:RE Bk:190 Pg:348 Legacy #:1916395157 Instr #:1916395157Sect:17 Tshp:14N Rng:4W Call3SW4 Call4:SE4
191400573306/17/1914 12:00:00 AMROSEMORE ADDITIONGranteeRESOLUTIONCITY OF EDMOND146811914005733Lot:9 Blk:1 Sub:BUELL HOLLIS
195618007411/19/1956 12:00:00 AMDAWSON KAY DYERGranteeORDERJOHNSTON EMMA L21031511956180074Lot:24 Blk:22 Sub:SOUTH OKLAHOMA
195618061611/23/1956 12:00:00 AMCOATS TOM RGranteeDECREEDISTRICT COURT OKLAHOMA COUNTY21041441956180616Lot:31 Blk:11 Sub:CLASSENS NORTH HIGHLAND PARKED
195618290812/07/1956 12:00:00 AMABRAMS SAMUEL KGranteeRELEASE OF OIL & GAS LEASEHARPER OIL COMPANY21082931956182908SECT:12 TSHP:14N RANGE:2W Call1:9 Call3:NW4 Call4:NE4
195700287501/24/1957 12:00:00 AMROSTYKUS WESYLGranteeRELEASE OF RIGHT OF WAYSERVICE PIPE LINE CO21202291957002875SECT:32 TSHP:12N RANGE:2W Call1:9 Call3:NE4 Call4:SE4
195615822406/29/1956 12:00:00 AMHASKINS HELENGranteeASSIGNMENT - RODDUNCAN LESTA C2063141956158224SECT:28 TSHP:13N RANGE:1W Call1:9 Call3:NW4 Call4:NW4
195615822406/29/1956 12:00:00 AMGrantorASSIGNMENT - RODDUNCAN LESTA C2063141956158224SECT:28 TSHP:13N RANGE:1W Call1:9 Call3:NW4 Call4:NW4
195615822506/29/1956 12:00:00 AMDUNCAN LOUISEGrantorASSIGNMENT - RODN V DUNCAN DRILLING CO206391956158225SECT:28 TSHP:13N RANGE:1W Call1:9 Call3:SE4 Call4:NW4
195616066707/16/1956 12:00:00 AMMAYES ROYALTY COMPANYGranteeRELEASE OF LEASEHARPER OIL COMPANY20673681956160667SECT:13 TSHP:14N RANGE:2W Call1:9 Call3:SE4 Call4:NW4
195616690808/23/1956 12:00:00 AMJONES J EGranteeRELEASE OF OIL & GAS LEASEROCK HILL OIL COMPANY20786901956166908SECT:21 TSHP:13N RANGE:1W Call1:9 Call3:SE4 Call4:SW4
194912375701/18/1949 12:00:00 AMTANSEL DAVID CGranteeRELEASE OF OIL & GAS LEASESUNRAY OIL CORPORATION11536591949123757SECT:23 TSHP:14N RANGE:1W Call1:9 Call3:NE4 Call4:SE4
194912681202/11/1949 12:00:00 AMPRECURE ROBERT BGranteeFINAL DECREEPRECURE ARPA D11601021949126812Lot:13 Blk:11 Sub:SCHILLINGS
194912931403/03/1949 12:00:00 AMBOWEN CLYDE PGrantorQUIT CLAIM DEEDMCCOY MARY11651161949129314LOT:1 BLK:1 SUB:JONES
195613140401/19/1956 12:00:00 AMGALLATIN MARGARET HGranteeASSIGNMENT OF OIL & GAS LEASEREDA PUMP COMPANY20134011956131404Bk Type:ALL Bk:1987 Pg:664 Legacy #:1955118003 Instr #:1955118003Sect:26 Tshp:12N Rng:1W Call2:NE4 Call3SE4 Call4:SE4
195701843605/13/1957 12:00:00 AMFC HARMANGranteeRELEASE OF OIL & GAS LEASEHARPER OIL COMPANY21481741957018436SECT:19 TSHP:14N RANGE:1W Call1:9 Call3:SE4 Call4:NE4
195701835705/13/1957 12:00:00 AMMEADORS LLOYDGranteeDECREEDISTRICT COURT OF OKLAHOMA COUNTY2148421957018357SECT:10 TSHP:11N RANGE:1W Call1:9 Call3:SW4 Call4:SW4
193972650802/06/1939 12:00:00 AMSLICK EARLGranteeDECREEOKLAHOMA COUNTY DISTRICT COURT4263741939726508LOT:13 BLK:7 SUB:FLORAL HILL
193924028703/10/1939 12:00:00 AMCOATS J JGrantorASSIGNMENT OF OIL & GAS LEASEDICKSON OIL COMPANY4273441939240287Sect:30 Tshp:11N Rng:1E Call3SE4 Call4:NW4
193924166203/25/1939 12:00:00 AMPHELPS A SGrantorASSIGNMENT OF OIL & GAS LEASEBARNSDALL OIL CO434481939241662Lot:9 Blk:2 Sub:POWELLS SUB
194133553612/31/1941 12:00:00 AMVRANA WILLGrantorOIL & GAS LEASEELLIS D B4725811941335536Lot:15 Blk:22 Sub:SCHILLING
194400048211/06/1944 12:00:00 AMBRISTOW BYRONGranteeDECREECOUNTY COURT POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY5024271944000482Call1:9
194444495710/30/1944 12:00:00 AMMCGINLEY LEO SGrantorOIL & GAS LEASE520211944444957LOT:48 BLK:0 SUB:NEWPORT HEIGHTS
194445077512/11/1944 12:00:00 AMARNOLD FLORENCE MELTONGranteeOIL & GAS LEASEBLACK OAK OIL COMPANY527141944450775Bk Type:ALL Bk:472 Pg:569 Legacy #:1941335411 Instr #:1941335411Lot:16 Blk:7 PID#093991140 Sub:SCHILLING
194480112505/23/1944 12:00:00 AMPOWERS HELEN MARIEGranteeORDERPOWERS JAMES C SR5061811944801125Lot:21 Blk:2 Sub:RENO AVE
194548437908/22/1945 12:00:00 AMBEDNAR RUBY GGranteeRELEASE OF OIL & GAS LEASESTANOLIND OIL & GAS COMPANY715501945484379SECT:24 TSHP:12N RANGE:1W Call1:9 Call3:SE4 Call4:NE4

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